Taking Inventory

Posted by on May 14, 2010 in Art, Work
Gnomes and needles

The lucky gnome watches over my clutter.

Sometimes life happens so fast that the little (and even the big) things get lost in the shuffle. For me, the past two months have been a whirlwind – working with my colleagues and our youth to launch Wide Angle’s annual Who Are You? Youth Media Festival, the spring cycle of grantwriting and planning for the next year, a bunch of birthdays, and my pilgrimage to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Yes, a lot of these things would have been the perfect material for this website, but I’m of the belief that sometimes living life is more important than documenting it. Or doing the laundry.

So now comes the inevitable quiet after the storm, the time to review the jumble of projects and responsibilities swept aside. I’ve got a lot of great things happening, including my journey to the Squam Art Workshops in June.

I’ve been looking forward to this for months, ever since my friend Arabella suggested we go. For three days I get to learn and practice knitting, writing, spinning, and sewing. Some folks probably stuck to one discipline, but I was just so excited and overwhelmed with the talented folks who will be there (like Jared Flood and Rebecca Ringquist), that I jumped around like a Pomeranian while selecting my classes.

A list and a bunch of stuff

One of my many lists.

In addition to the workshops, I’m going to have a table at the Squam Art Fair. In preparation for this, I am designing a¬†pattern for the catfish from “I’m Not Afraid of Snakes.” My goal is to make a simple pattern that also has a lot of character, using affordable yarn and few notions. My prototype is done, and I’m now beginning the arduous task of writing it all clearly and economically.

I am also working on revising my audio project “Congress,” after an amazing workshop with the Kitchen Sisters that I will be writing about soon.

Lastly, I am very sad to say my dear cat, Sasquatch, passed away in April. He was my familiar and my friend – a furry person who was a huge part of my adult life. As one of his friends – yes, this cat had lots of friends – said, “he was a lion among cats.” I miss him terribly, and am thinking about writing a story about him. In many ways, “I’m Not Afraid of Snakes” was a story that began with my dad’s love for his dog, Happy. Memorializing the people and animals that make our lives meaningful just seems natural.

So with this hefty list of projects also comes the basic tasks to get them accomplished, such as fixing our internet (yet another reason I was out of touch!), ordering fiber, cleaning house, and settling down for quieter, though no less busy days. And of course, taking inventory of it all.


  1. Sheila Alpis
    May 14, 2010

    Amazing, I found your site on google poking around for something completely unrelated and I really enjoyed your site. I will stop by again to read some more posts. Thanks!

  2. Gin
    May 16, 2010

    Thanks for your comment, so glad my post was helpful!