Bold Paths, Sweet Rewards Part 1

Posted by on Aug 24, 2010 in All, Teach
I’m in what most folks call “transition” right now – between one job and the next, one identity and another. It is an interesting place to be. A rare opportunity to pause and reflect on the journey I have taken so far, and the path ahead.

This metaphorical path became very real a couple of weeks ago, when I had a brief layover in New York and hung out with my friend Jen.  She had the brilliant idea of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge (which she writes about here), and I had the mission of finding the Wafel truck, which I had been dreaming about ever since I saw it on TV.

So we had both a path and a destination.

Now, the Brooklyn Bridge is BIG. Driving across it is one thing, but we are walking on a wooden pathway, above the traffic. The cables are thicker than two fingers put together, the vertical supports are the size of redwoods. And once we are walking across, we might as well be on a boat for giants, as there is no connection between us and the city – we are adrift between sea and sky.

And yet, there is a thick white painted line leading the way. And, just like sailing on a ship, I am getting comfortable with the vibrations of the bridge, as trucks thunder below us. Jen is telling me a story about being present – staying in the moment. This is the perfect place to try.

We stop along the way to take pictures – of ourselves, the city, and the bridge itself. Around us, there are peoplepeople on the bridge zooming past on bicycles, walking hand-in-hand slowly, and posing against the cables and beams for their own photos. Some people, like myself, stare as if we have just woken up to a new world. Others stroll past, intent on their cell phones and their next destination.

This is a path from one place to another, but is also a destination in itself. I file this away for later – to remind me to enjoy my time in transition.


  1. Susan
    August 25, 2010

    Wonderful article, waiting to see what happens when you finish walking the bridge to your next anchor and how that bridge will stay strong through out the years, anchoring you to what you started here at Wide Angle.

  2. Gin
    August 25, 2010

    Thanks, Sue! Wide Angle was a huge part of my journey so far, and has helped chart my course forward, no doubt. Thanks for sailing with me!