So Long, Farewell

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It is the last day of 2010, and I am looking forward to saying, “So long, old friend.” And here is my final reverb10.

December 31 – Core Story: What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world?

2010, you were not an easy year to love. You gave me some real losses, and some surprising challenges. You came in like a hurricane, messing with my carefully-laid plans, and then when I thought I had control back, I learned it was just the eye of the storm. I rode you out, though, didn’t I? And eventually the calm came, and I was able to rest and reflect.  In the end, you gave me many surprising gifts.

This is my core story – I know how to live through changes, and find a lesson deep inside.

I had hoped to look back on 2010 with a few accomplishments under my belt. In the end I have, but not the ones I expected. When I realized this year was not going according to plan, I had some big adjustments to make, but in the end I did, and have a lot to appreciate.

This year taught me that some goals can’t be achieved, even if I work as hard as I can, do everything right, and try, try, again. But other dreams can become reality with patience and effort in the right direction. Learning how to appreciate both experiences – the wins and the losses, has not been easy. But I have withstood the storm, and have been given the gift of time to reflect and process it all.

I wish you a Happy 2011, and safe harbors.

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