We Interrupt This Program…

Posted by on Dec 6, 2010 in MFW

… to take another Media Free Week.

For me, this means turning off the social networks, the online videos, the television, and the car radio. Saving the magazines and catalogs for another time (or getting rid of them altogether). Setting limits on my media consumption, and getting back valuable time and connection with my community.

It also means narrowing my focus to a few goals. For this Media Free Week, I intend to:

1. Write 750 words every morning.

2. Clean up my office, with a focus on filing papers and end-of-year organizing.

3. Make a few phone call dates with good friends far away.

4. Cook meals with fresh vegetables from our co-op at least 3 nights.

5. Rehearse and prepare for telling my holiday story at The Stoop.

Will you join me? Consider taking your own media fast – and tell me about it here.