Confession Time

Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in MFW

I am typing this post on my noisy home computer, where I have been sitting for 90 minutes, while the rest of my family is asleep. Prior to typing this, I went on a rambling wild goose chase through the internet, Googling myself (that sounds particularly unsavory in this context) to see if my name still comes up correctly, researching media fasts, and, more often than anything else, checking Facebook to see if anyone commented on my witty status update. I also took some time to look at the photos I have posted of my adorable 7-month old child — yes, the one who is sleeping upstairs now, and whom I can see all day long. Given a little more time, I would probably do a web search for some good URLs, and browse through the vast consumerism that is

I share this out of shame, and for full disclosure. I may take a media fast every month, but it is because I NEED TO. Pulling the plug each and every month for a full week is a requirement for my life. It is too easy to be overwhelmed by what Leo Babauta calls a “firehose of information.”

Tonight I got drenched, but tomorrow I will try again. And in another week, I will take a fast, and give myself the respite from the noise and distraction that I sometime find myself unable to filter.

(The photo above is of another confession, as I tell my childhood story of being too scared to be noticed, onstage at Anecdote Storytelling’s “Missed Opportunities” event. ¬†Photo by Stacy Jorgenson.)