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hot hot sun
It has been a hot month. The cool Vermont nights have become humid and still. We eat cold foods, afraid to heat up the house, or ourselves. Hummus, gazpacho, yogurt, and watermelon have become our major food groups.

Life is heating up, too. Our little one has evolved from a cautious crawler to a daredevil darter, who also enjoys pulling himself up to standing with whatever is nearby: furniture, clothing, and, worst of all, hair.

It has been too darned hot to write, and sit in front of the radiant heat of the computer, or have a little laptop cooking on my legs. But many things have been percolating. Just as my boy is making plans to explore the world, I too am planning some new projects. I will share some news soon, when the time is right.

For now, I welcome the relief that last night’s rain has brought, and the quiet of another Media Free Week. If you are interested in learning how my thoughts about this monthly media fast have progressed, check out this video from Pecha Kucha Night at the Fleming Museum:


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  1. michaela
    August 6, 2012

    you are such a rock star! that was a great talk. can’t wait to hear what else is brewing!