Harvesting and Abstaining

Posted by on Oct 1, 2012 in All, MFW

large bin of ripe apples

October is a month for harvesting, and enjoying the bounty of hard work. For my family, this means watching our child grow into a happy and healthy toddler. It also means launching some new projects (still under wraps!) and making deeper inroads into our life as new New Englanders.

It also means abstaining from unnecessary consumption and distraction. Feeling overwhelmed and unconnected, I took an early Media Free Week break from Facebook, to focus on one-on-one relationships. As the primary shopper in the family, I often get caught up in web shopping, initially for something “necessary,” but eventually just for fun. For this month, I will abstain from making online purchases, with a one-week review for anything that is considered a staple.

Too often I bundle up my son to go to one of our three wonderful markets — both entertainment and consumption, under the guise of good health. But this month, I will hold off on grocery shopping until I can see the back of the freezer, and the bottom of the bulk food shelf, both of which are overflowing.

Instead, I will be checking out library books, soaking beans, bartering and borrowing. This is in part to reduce the budget of what must be the most expensive year of our lives (hello, baby!). But it is also to recognize how much we HAVE, and what we can do with it. We have grown a wonderful new life here, and in turning down the volume on the distractions of consuming, we just might get to enjoy it.