Out and About

Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in All, Storytelling, Teach, Work

We’ve been hibernating more than usual this winter. My son has begun daycare, and just like everyone warned us, he has been more sick than well. This has led to some very creative attempts at keeping cabin fever at bay — including indoor sledding, playing “office” with an unplugged keyboard, and everyone’s favorite: Lazy Ball (hint: being horizontal is an advantage).

Occasionally the weather clears and the colds heal, and I get out of the house. Fortunately, these moments have coincided with some great events.

I was honored to be on an informative and fun panel with Gahlord Dewald and Dr. Elaine Young, moderated by Lauren-Glenn Davitian, and hosted by Common Good VT. We talked about marketing trends, new social media, and the challenges of using all these tools and technologies as a nonprofit. You can watch the video here, or below.


I also had the unusual opportunity to be a juror for extempo’s annual Tell Off storytelling competition. It was challenging to not just listen and enjoy others’ personal stories, but actually have to weigh them against each other. There were far too many good tales for the three awards! You can listen to the winning tales here: http://www.extempovt.com/listen.htm

Both events were made special by the engaged and enthusiastic audiences. The panel was enriched by questions and anecdotes shared by the nonprofit leaders in attendance, some of whom taught us a thing or two. And extempo’s crowd was about 50% storytellers themselves — and not many folks enjoy a story as much as those guys. The audience was laughing, crying, and groaning with each tale of bad timing, comeuppance, and farewell.

It’s snowing again, and we’re bound to be hibernating for another week. I look forward to these moments out in the world even more than I used to, with fickle weather and baby illnesses making the days out rare and special.