Posted by on Feb 27, 2015 in All, Art, Story A Day, Storytelling, Writing

I grew up in South Florida, where flip-flops were the shoes of choice. Moving north to college, I was completely unprepared for the cold, for the dark, and most importantly, for the snow and ice that covered everything for 5 months.

One morning, running to catch up with friends to grab some hot chocolate, I slipped at the top of a flight of ice-crusted stairs, doing a spectacular tumble in front of most of my drawing class, spraining both ankles in the process. Everyone laughed at first, but then I fainted, too. It wasn’t my best moment.

Once I was up and walking again, I took a cue from my northern friends and got some good sturdy hiking boots. I also started looking before I took a step outside.

Twenty years later, I have learned my lesson. My boots are waterproof, insulated, and have ice-gripping soles. I wear them every single day, until the mud melts in the spring. They are my anchors to the world.