Awesome Awful

Posted by on Feb 21, 2015 in All, Story A Day, Storytelling


This afternoon, I saw these shorts on sale — or something very much like them. I believe they are supposed to be a beach cover up, over a swimsuit. However, they are so uniquely strange that I called them “awesomely awful” or “awfully awesome.” Awfulsome?

I saw these beauties with my friend, Beth, who said that I needed too tell a story about them. I agree.

Here’s the thing: someone designed these bolero bathing shorts; someone selected and bought the fabric and trim; someone else sewed them; and another team of people packaged and delivered them. Then someone unpacked them, and put them on display, so we could ponder  their existence today.

I have a few questions.

  1. Throughout this lengthy process from design to manufacturing to retail, did no one stop and question the need, or at least the demand for this product?
  2. If there is a demand, then who exactly is the demographic for bobbled shorts?
  3. If someone bought them, would they wear them?
  4. If someone wore them, would the gobbles get…um…entangled?
  5. Have the chafing implications been considered?

It’s  been a rough few days, with work stress, illness, and frigid weather making the days more difficult than they could be. Somehow seeing this ridiculously cheerful and impractical clothing gave me a little amusement, and reminded me of the sunny days to come, when we all get to wear our silly sunshine clothes.

So while I know these are just an example of fashion hubris and mass production, I prefer to think those little shorts were designed to give us hope that the winter will end, in all their awesome awfulness.