Ghosts, Aliens, and Fevers, Oh My!

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in All, Art, MFW, Story A Day, Storytelling, video, Writing

This week started auspicously enough: our monthly Media Free Week, a media fast for the whole family, usually gives me more creative time. However, it wasn’t meant to be. Our son got a nasty cold, a full-on feverish headcold that took up all our energy and sacrificed our sleep to taking temperatures, delivering medicines, and cuddling with a relatively cheerful kid, all things considered.

In the end, a lot of stories were created, many of which were for the Widget’s entertainment. And tonight, he actually helped me draw my last illustration of the week!



Maybe this is a cheat, but I created the video updating the Story A Day Project.


I told a story at Storytelling VT at the Monkey House. “Risk and Patience” is a tale of young love, and the drama that goes with it. The beauty of telling a story live on stage is that it is so alive for the six minutes I share it, and then it disappears into memory again. While I do record and share many of my stories online, this one was best told in the public / private space of a dark and friendly pub, and left there, for now.


The Widget stays home with me on Wednesdays, so I spend most of the day in the short-term memory land of snacks, games, and wanderings. After making a note to send with a package, I decided today’s story would also be a hand-drawn note, using hand-lettering and some pretty paper.

Today is an adventure in our hometown, a hand-drawn sketch.



The kiddo came down with a nasty cold, that began the night before, and put us into full-on parenting mode. Storytelling became a distraction and a comforting device for our feverish kid. Lately the Widget has been into “scary stories,” exploring the darker side of things, and enjoying the thrill of being a little bit scared.

I started telling him tales that are based in our reality, and go from there, as well as stories that springboard from books we are reading (See Friday’s update for more). I recorded our story, “The Haunted Grocery Store,” for you.


Another day of telling stories with the dude. We picked up this awesome book at the library, “Dinosaurs in Space” (come on, with a title like THAT, how could you not?). This sparked a series of spin-off stories, the most popular being, “The New Planet.” I wrote it for you here, along with Saturday’s image.


Drawing time! I illustrated an image that, while not directly telling “The New Planet” story, is certainly inspired by it. I used the Paper drawing app, which I love.


Illustration of rocket on planet


More drawings! My son was feeling better, so we had more of our usual weekend adventures. I’ve been trying to draw some sketches based on the “Haunted Grocery Store” — I don’t think I’ve spent much energy drawing ghosts before, so it was a fun challenge. My first attempt was deemed too scary, so the Widget helped me make a couple more sketches that he felt were more appropriate, and highlighted his favorite ghosts from the story. Also made with Paper.

ghosts and ghosts


And while it wasn’t exactly the week I was hoping for, in the end, I told lots of stories, to a very enthusiastic audience. Trying to come up with new inventive ideas every day, and also trying to tell funny and interesting stories to a 3 year old was the perfect challenge, after all.

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