Harold Investigates!

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When Harold, a lover of mystery novels, learned that Chevron and Alba Farmer experienced a break-in, he downloaded the latest PI software and paid them a visit.

Harold: Thanks for seeing me. Can you tell me what happened?

Chevron: Well,  we came home from work late…

Alba: My collards needed harvesting, and the spider bots just can’t do it…

Chevron: ….so we were the last folks out the atmos lock. We walked home, opened the door, and just…

Alba: Everything was ransacked! Chairs tipped over! Media on the floor!

Chevron: Calm down, hon, Harold is here to help.

Harold: I’m sorry for your distress, Alba. It must be very upsetting.

Alba: You have no idea, I mean, yes.

Harold: Do you mind if I take a look around?

Alba: No, please do, let us know if you need anything.

Harold inspected the atmos lock, the entryway floor, and the windows. He saw nothing out of place, no sign of a forced entry, or an unexpected atmosphere change.

Harold: I need to ask, are you sure you shut the atmos lock all the way?

Chevron: Well…

Alba: One time! One time I forget to shut it, and all of Chevron’s flash drives blew out, and he won’t let me forget it!

Chevron: Just, are you sure?

Alba: Seriously, Chev?

Harold steps quietly out. Nothing looks amiss. It’s a locked door mystery. Harold is secretly thrilled.

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