On the Road Again

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We needed to get out of town today. Though it is warm and sunny, the ground has become a spongy mess of ice, mud, and oily puddles, aka Mud Season. While we are ready to go exploring, Vermont is not, and we still have 6 weeks or more until our favorite outdoor/kid friendly places are open. The Widget requested we go “somewhere far away, maybe with a hotel.” Guys, the apple does not fall far from the tree. I couldn’t deliver a hotel, but I’ve got road tripping skills hardwired, and 30 minutes later we were on the road.

There is something so freeing about feeling the miles fly past. As a college student, I drove from Florida to New York and back at least twice a year. I looked forward to those drives as an opportunity to process my complicated relationships, my current art or writing projects, and eventually to let it all slip away as the mile markers accumulated.

I also crave the view of a highway. In the Green Mountain State, finding a wide vista isn’t difficult, but it’s still a thrill to see the mountains in their glory, some of which I know by name. Watching the shifting relationships of the rivers and railroads, the towns and the forests, reminds me how small my concerns are in the big picture.

The Widget seems to enjoy some of the same things. He sits quietly looking out the window, one of the rare times he is both sitting still and not chatting cheerfully about the world around him. Occasionally he asks about something he hasn’t seen before, but for most part he doesn’t need answers, he just enjoys the view.

I am so pleased I can share my love of traveling with him, and that he is such an enthusiastic companion. The wanderlust has been inherited.

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