Spike’s Epiphany

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spikeonwoefulSpike came home to an empty hut. He saw Harold’s text, “Home late. ♥ U,” but he was still struck by the silence. Harold just seemed to always be there.

Spike rummaged around the kitchen for some noodles and tofu to put in the convection cooker. Since Harold would be home late, he added an extra dash of hot peppers.

As he sat down to eat, Spike caught a glimpse of Jupiter 2’s moon, McLuna. The glowing white rock sparked a memory  of Spike’s former life as a lunar explorer. He used to fire across galaxies, from one cold rock to another, measuring magentisms, collecting rock samples, and photographing the views (which made a tidy sum on Etsy). But it wasn’t all glamour. His last trip was lonely and long — a year-long tour of the moons of Exactica, all 37 of them. It was a wonder they didn’t smack into each other, there was so little room to move.

spikeephiphanyWhen he finally landed on the last one, Woeful, it was a relief. Spike looked at the frozen, rocky ground before him, and had a realization. “I’m done traveling,” he thought. “I’m ready to settle down.”

That thought led him to propose to Rudy, and sent them together to Widgets Landing. Who knew their relationship would only last weeks longer, once they arrived, and Spike met Harold?

Spike stirred his noodles and laughed to himself. Who knows? Maybe that was the point. All he needed to do was get there. He wanted to settle down, he just didn’t have the right guy.

The atmos lock hissed open, and Harold stepped inside. “Hi, sweetie, how was dinner?” he asked.

“It’s better, now you are here,” Spike answered. “Tell me about your day.”

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