The Nasals are introduced

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From L-R: Rudy, Glyph, Marvo in back), Harold, Spike, The Nasals with Alba center right), Chevron.


Alba invites the Nasals to a community meeting, to introduce them to the colony.

Chevron is thrilled to meet another species that comes from near his quadrant, and quickly swaps stories about favorite nebulas and constellations. “Have you guys been to the Purple Sea? Amazing, isn’t it?”

Spike and Harold are welcoming, though Harold jumps into private investigator mode: “Welcome! How did you get to Widgets Landing? Did you drive here, or….?”

Nazelle, their spokesperson, says, “Thank you for your interest and curiosity, but we do not drive vehicles on land — we prefer to hover on our own.” This squashes Harolds hopes of resolving the mystery of the tire treads.

Marvo snorts at this comment, but doesn’t add to the conversation.

Rudy offers a wing for a high-five, but realizes the Nasals don’t have hands or wings. He is surprised then, when the youngest Nasal, Sniv, spins around and nose-bumps his wing. After that, Rudy relaxes and jokes with Howard, Spike, Sniv, and the other Nasals, Ahm and Snord.

Glyph is less thrilled to meet Nazelle. She asks her if the Nasals are immigrants or contract employees for a company.

Nazelle says, “We like to think of ourselves as ‘expats.’ The universe is big, and we enjoy seeing as much of it as we can. What do you consider yourselves?”

Glyph sniffs, “Colonists. This is home.”

Nazelle seems a bit surprised by the android’s terse tone, but shifts gears and asks Alba to tell them about her hanging tomato plants. Abla tactfully leads Nazelle away, murmuring, “Don’t mind her, she’s a bit suspicious of anyone who isn’t Rudy.”

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