Widgets Landing

Posted by on Mar 14, 2015 in All, Art, Story A Day, Storytelling

Widgetslanding Today’s story ties together the lovely community of Widgets Landing, a colony of adventurers, engineers, and average robots just trying to get by. All week I’ve been telling snippets of daily life in Widgets Landing, and now I’ll share the landscape.

1. Charging and Repair Station – where most colonists work and socialize, as well as the Robot Health Clinic. The spot where Spike and Harold first meet.

2. The Highway – a bit of a joke since there are only four vehicles in town, and none of them go faster than 12 mph. Though Marco has built himself a fancy new ride.

3. Glyph and Harold’s Hut – technically, their former hut. Now it’s Glyph and Rudy’s place, but they are thinking of building something of their own, maybe nearer to the mesa.

4. Spike and Rudy’s Hut – again, former hut. Harold has totally redecorated in Mid-Epoch Droid. Spike likes it, but was fine with the standard issue furnishings, though he won’t tell Harold that.

5. The Hospital – the other major workplace, health center, and laundromat for the colony. Glyph teaches Bikram yoga and field medicine here, with Chevron.

6. Chevron and Alba’s Hut – new members of the colony, the young couple have made waves suggesting more communal living and resource sharing. Turns out, a worker’s  cooperative and meal rotation are more than enough for most colonists, and at the end of the day everyone else is happy to return to their 12×12 hut.

There’s a mystery, too. When Chevron and Alba returned  from their shifts yesterday, they found the room ransacked. Was it someone unhappy with their new ideas? Or did Alba leave the atmosphere lock open again? Or something else?