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It must have been a delayed reaction to all that stuff sorting I wrote about in Memory Village. I found myself interested in creating the documents surrounding the Widgets Landing story. What kind of recruitment poster did Alba stare at through the greenhouse glass? What would the journey of each colonist look like as a chart?

I had fun creating some items this week that told the story in a more roundabout way. Oh, and Marvo gets his say. Big time.

The recruitment poster:

The (not to scale or location specificity) travel map:

Now all we need to do is solve a mystery or two. And I think Chevron’s skills have yet to be seen.

I also had some fun with video this week, filming bubbles. There’s  something about the crisp “pop” that is so much louder and real than the objects themselves. They really go out with a bang.

So small and insignificant, but with such a definitive ending. #StoryADay

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And lastly, a group effort. Our family created a diorama at the Shelburne Museum’s art studio, in conjunction with the Walter Wick exhibit. We are all huge fans of his elaborate photographs and puzzles. Our own project, entitled “Fire and Ice, with or without Princess and Firetruck,” has been played with all weekend. This photo captures the work in progress.


This week is pretty hectic, with birthdays and family visits galore. But we will solve mysteries and tell stories, one way or another. Thanks again for reading and inspiring me.