Who did what?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2015 in All, Art, Story A Day, Storytelling, Writing

This week much was revealed: the Nasals met the rest of Widgets Landing,  Glyph shared her opinions (we rather wish she hadn’t),  and in the end Howard discovered the person behind the tracks.

The momentous meeting of the Nasals occurred in the greenhouse, where Alba made the introductions.


Glyph was not impressed, and shared her suspicions later.


It’s important to remember that not long ago she was dating Harold, and while she and Rudy appear to be quite happy together, it all was a bit sudden for an android with a 300 year warranty.

Finally, Harold lands a real discovery: the mysterious tracks lead to a cave in the mesa, where Marvo has a secret laboratory.


What is Marvo doing? Why does he need a secret lair? And what about that car of his?

The Widgets Landing story will continue next week, though mostly offline. Check back here for the full story Monday the 13th.

My final story of the week focused on that time of night when you can’t sleep, and your brain goes off the rails (at least mine dies). Dark Thoughts was an exorcism of sorts, sharing my private anxieties with you.

It was a tough week for stories: my son was home more for the holidays, and will be this week, too. It forced me to be more creative with what I had, though, which was fun. We tend to have more adventures out in the world together,  so I will try to bring that back into my storytelling.

Thanks for reading! – Gin