The mystery is solved

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It’s been a few weeks, and Harold has been hard at work, investigating the break-in. He has asked all the Widgets Landing colonists to meet with him in Chevron’s mediation room, to reveal the truth.

“Um, hi, everyone, thanks for meeting me here tonight. As you all know, someone ransacked Chevron and Alba’s hut a couple of month’s ago….”

“Yes, Harold, WE KNOW.” Glyph interrupted, rolling her eyes. “Can you just tell us who did it, so we can go home? I need to clean the Fry Daddy.”
“Yeah, I want some more of those gourd fries!” Rudy chuckles and looks a Spike, who nods.

harold_editHarold cracks his finger joints awkwardly. “Yes, well, after taking a good look around the colony, I am convinced that the crime was committed by…. no one.”

The room is a flurry of motion. Glyph, Rudy, and Marvo jump out of their seats. Chevron grabs Alba’s hand, as she shakes her head. Harold tries to calm everyone down, gesturing slowly with his hands.

“Please, let me explain.” Harold takes a pause. “Nothing was stolen from Chevron and Alba’s home. It’s been 2 months, and they have not reported anything missing. That’s true, correct?” Chevron and Alba nod.

“There is no evidence of a forced entry. Alba doesn’t remember if she locked the airlock that morning, but if it was left open, again, no one took anything.” Alba nods again.

“The day of the incident, there was a loud noise hear from the warehouse, and strange tracks were seen on the ground by the hut. I later found out it was Marvo, driving his unlicensed speed rover, right, Marvo.”

Marvo grins, while the rest of the room glares at him. “Yes, the vehicle which I have since dismantled and rebuilt as something more…colony-friendly.”marvo_edit

Harold nods, “Right, and how fast did that speedster go?”

“Mach 0.8 at top speed, but it was probably only about 450 MPH on the colony roads.” Marvo tool a chug of his alfalfa brew. “Seriously, I don’t get what all the fuss is about.”

Harold nodded, “I’ll get to that. So the vehicle went pretty fast, and was quite loud. How did that affect your workshop.”

“Well, it didn’t. I mean, I already had all my tools locked up and my shelves are caged in, so nothing falls.”
Chevron bounced up. “I see where you are going with this, Harold! It makes a lot of sense.”

Glyph groaned, “Really? ‘Cause I just see dinner running late.”

Harold walked over to Glyph and took her hand. She flinched. “Glyph, I am so sorry that I left so abruptly. That wasn’t fair. But please don’t take your anger out on everyone else anymore.” glyph_edit

Glyph’s eyes flashed, then grew dimmer. “That is rational. Ok. I’ll try.” Rudy put his arm around Glyph.

Chevron jumped up. “Harold, I see where you are going, and would like to chime in, ok?” Harold stepped back and gave Chevron the floor.

“I think that this was just an accident. Marvo drove his speedster closest to our hut, parking there, and then starting up the engine and revving it before he moved on. The vibrations from the engine shook the walls of our sturdy-but-lightweight home, shaking the bookshelves and knocking everything down. It was just an accident.”

Chevron patted Harold on the arm. “Harold, thanks for investigating this mystery so well. It warms my hearts to know that no one deliberately vandalized our home. I hope this will make Alba feel more welcome here.” Alba smiled, visibly relieved.

Marvo stood up. “But it’s still my fault, isn’t it? Do you want me to leave the colony?”

Alba stepped up to Marvo and tilted her head. “No, Marvo. We don’t blame you… at least not more than an accident should be. Please stop trying to separate yourself from the rest of us. You are no better than any of us — but you are no worse, either. Actually, I could use some help creating an irrigation system for my new crop: coconuts.”

Marvo blanched. “Not coconuts, no, not coconuts.”


And so the community of Widgets Landing solved the mystery, and grew closer together in the process. We’ll give them time to build their colony, and may visit them again in the future. The Nasals will have their own story later this year. For now, thanks for listening, reading, and watching this story.