Posted by on Jan 15, 2017 in Art, Storytelling

I have been terribly sick for the past week. I kept working and doing things anyway because life. And then, on Friday, when I realized each day I was waking up worse, not better, I finally gave in and went to Urgent Care and got some antibiotics (yay for healthcare!) for what turned out to be a pretty serious sinus infection.

I still had another day of dizziness, weakness, and complete brain frizzle before I started feeling better. One power nap helped (#napsaremagical). When I woke, the first thing I did was sit on the cold wood floor with the Widget and build this little gondola. I slowly began to feel better, and to remember two things: 1. I love making things, and 2. I love telling stories.

On a good day I don’t need to remember this, but it was like a lifeline to my whole self. And I realized I might need to prescribe myself a little project to heal.

So, as of today, I’m going to be Storybricking. Yeah, it is what it sounds like: stories + bricks. Maybe drawings, too. I certainly put a lot of Photoshop into it. Here’s the original, not sure which one I like better 🙂

I’m not promising more than a storybricking a week – life being what it is. But I look forward to sharing these with you.