Out and About

Out and About

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Occasionally the weather clears and the colds heal, and I get out of the house.



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Just as my boy is making plans to explore the world, I too am planning some new projects.

Wrapped in the Web

Wrapped in the Web

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I assumed I wasn’t internalizing much of what I was reading. But then I started dreaming about news stories, and realizing they were having a bigger impact than I imagined.

Media Go-Round

Media Go-Round

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Sometimes the world is moving far too fast to document it. That’s how the last couple of weeks have been. We have been recovering from illness, dealing with winter weather, and making surprise repairs to our lovely home. In the midst of all that, I began a new job. I am now the Community Manager […]

One Week Later…

One Week Later…

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This MFW was about getting our physical lives back on track.

Goodbye Old World

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Part of me wanted to take a torch to it all, and the rest wanted to go through each box lovingly…

Book Building

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Fall reading to me is about introducing new ideas, and working a little harder for them.

Choosing to Be Left Behind

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…hearing the rain patter on the garden below, I was transported back to another time…

Talking About Failure

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What does it means to try again, and possibly fail, after having success?

A New Path

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Leaving a large part of my life behind is difficult, but moving forward may be an equal challenge.