This page shares resources for my workshop “Stories Told Live,” and for other storytellers searching for tools and opportunities.

Online Resources
Check out my Storytelling Pinboard (you do not need a Pinterest account), where I add interesting articles and other stuff regularly. This one article stands out as being especially interesting, though: “You Talkin’ to Me: How Stories Work at the Moth” by Catherine Burns

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  • Finding Your Voice by Jen Lee. A workshop in a book that navigates a path through the obstacles that keep us from telling our stories.
  • Radio, An Illustrated Guide by Ira Glass and Jessica Abel. A comic book that breaks down the elements of a “This American Life” episode, with some great explorations of what makes a story work.
  • Telling Your Story by Jen Lee. This CD and workbook take you on a personal storytelling journey, helping you develop a story inventory and hone your craft.
  •  The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall. A theory of why we tells stories.

Storytelling Map
This map reflects some of the recurring storytelling events in the central and northwest parts of the state. These events are attended by a rich community of storytellers and appreciators. Please let me know about other events to add to the map!


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